About Me

I started this website to provide you with legit workshop information to spice up your woodworking experience, turning your once obvious job into an interesting and enjoyable hobby. I offer detailed buyers guides on various types of sander tools and detailed woodworking tips to help you become a better craftsman.
With me, I have the latest sanders updates; carefully drafted to give you a birds view on the factors you should look for in the best sanding machines. Additionally, I provide answers to some of your most troubling questions about sanding tools and workshop safety regulations.

The story behind the Site

For the better part of my life, I have been a "Do It Yourself person". While in high school, I toyed with the idea of furnishing my roach plagued table. I didn't quite achieve my dream until I got a part-time job at a local gas station. After summing up my peanut wages and the occasional tips from sympathetic clients, I finally had enough to get my own sanding machine.
Inexperienced and incredible overjoyed, I ignorantly picked the first sander that my eyes landed on, a move I terribly regret to date. Well, after that life moved on, my table never got a furnishing. However, I decided that my frustrating experience was not in vain. So, I embarked on a life-long commitment to helping novice woodworkers. I take my time to carefully research on key features to consider in a perfect sanding machine and legit workshop tips that will transform you from an armature to a master woodcarver.

Who Am I?

Hey guys~ David B. Harper here! Check out a little background info about me.
Well, to start with, I am a professional craftsman and an experienced wood-polisher. As early as second grade, I have had a great passion for woodcarving and always came top in my art class.
After joining high school I developed a predatory taste for finely turned furniture. So, polishing furniture became my new hobby which later became part of me. Now a professional woodworking shop owner, I often get to experience various types of sanding tools; and it is from this leverage that I confidently offer reliable woodworking craft tips. However, Sanding is my favorite skill and the one I dedicate the most time to; a task I personally inspect and perfect before selling my furniture.

Our Mission

With dozens of sanding tools in the market today, settling on that special device is not as easy as many people think. As a former victim of a "wrong sander choice", and a professional woodworker I am widely experienced with different types of sanding tools. Additionally, spending many hours working in my workshop has exposed me to various workshop mistakes and at the same time offered me with professional ways on how to avoid most of them. Well, my woodworking experience is unmatched.
So, our website offers informative buyers guide to help you realize the thin line between a perfect and a near-perfect sander. I also provide important tips you should consider while working in the workshop.

We Need Your Suggestions

Even the best craftsmen often make mistakes, so, we are not claiming perfection. However, one thing we are sure about is that this biracial website promises an engaging platform where you will get to share ideas with different enthusiastic woodworkers around the globe.
I strive to provide authentic and real reviews at all the time. However if you notice any wrong information in the website-which is rare, feel free to make your suggestion. I will gladly appreciate it.

Connect With Me

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David B. Harper