Best Detail Sanders for 2020 – Tested and Reviewed

The detail sander is a fantastic device for working with difficult task or projects. Even though there are many portable handheld small sanders available to buy, the detail sander is excellent for smaller more intricate tasks.

They're also known as corner sanders, due to their length and potential to complete jobs in small areas. Other sanders which include belt sanders or block sanders take up a great deal extra floor place and might damage small element arena. Solid detail sander are designed to reach hard areas.

I always enjoy to bring out the inner beauty of wood with staining and sanding. Over the year I have done multiple sanding projects, and from there I have learned a lot of things about  detail sanding. 

In these periods I have experienced with different the of sander that is available in the market. From them, I have found out some top detail sander that I use most and thought best in the market.

Nowadays many companies manufacture detail sanders with different quality, services. And you may generally have confused among these various types of brands and varieties. I am here to discuss best detail sander in 2020. I hope it will assist you to choose the perfect detail sander for you sanding journey.

The purchase of sander is not always pleasurable part for those who have never use sanding machine before. Before making a choice and decrease the risk of losing money you must need to know about the product.

There are several types of detail sander model available in the market. And from those I have classified 8 detail sander reviews. If you do not have any time to read buying guide you may see the products review given below:

In the power tools industry, Black+ Decker is a trendy name. This small sanding machine has fantastic compactness with a relatively low weight and profile. Its 1.2 amps’ power is enough to provide the quality finish.

For reaching difficult small spaces, it has fantastic finger attachment dust collection system. You can feel like a professional detail sander at home. It specially made for handling awkward and small areas.


  • Performance:  It has decent high performance and reliable comfort with equal compact size. This small size sander is very much flexible.
  • Design: Its design is very much ergonomic that allow easy and comfortable usability.
  • Product Dimensions: 10.2*4.6*5.4 inches, Weight: 2.88 ounces.
  • OPM: It performs very perfect with DIY tasks with 14000 orbits per minute.
  • Dust Collection: It has a dust canister transparent, high-performance system that included microfiltration.
  • Grip:  It has three position grip for controlling usability. Handle grip is for ultra-tight spaces, palm grip is for surface sanding, and precision grip provide extreme maneuverability.
  • Mouse Sander: For maximum versatility, it has 1.2A mouse sander that can grip in three ways.
  • Power: It has 1.2 amps’ power.
  • Box Included: Sanding sheet, finger attachment holder, sanding sheet and mouse sander.


  • Flexibility level is substantial
  • Easy to set up and control
  • Lightweight and compact
  • In tight spaces, it can comfortably fit
  • For maneuverability, it has low profile legs and a compact body
  • Dust collection system is excellent


  • It has limited terms of scope for focusing on detail leaves

2. WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander

WEN has an angel tip capitalized body that can get deep crevices and corners. It can easily have maneuvered with one hand. It is lightweight and small size body that has the 1-amp motor capability. You feel more power, and your hands never get tired while using it. It can easily work best in back and front that can apply for regular sandpaper.


  • Performance: It performance keep the overall silhouette of tool compact and comfortable usage.
  • Design: Unique Rubberized design and hook loop system for switch between grits.
  • Product Dimensions: 3.8*5.2*6 pounds Weight is 2 pounds.
  • OPM: It can perform 13,500 OPM capacity.
  • Dust Collection: Fan assisted slot, direct vacuum port dust collection system that emphasis on cleanliness. Its centre mounted dust collection port decrease control flow and cleanup operation duration.
  • Grip:  Palm grip design
  • Pad:  It 3.75-5.5-inch pad attached with hook and loop Velcro for simple sandpaper removal.
  • Power: Motor Power is the 1-amp corded electric power source.


  • Sturdy, durable and ergonomic compact design
  • Value is good


  • No speed variable
  • Palm grip has some restriction on certain angles and surfaces

3. SKIL 7302-02 Octo Detail Sander with PC

This SKIL octo corded detail sander is a new addition to the pressure controlled family. It has light up indicator that measures correct pressure in the too much weight. It also has eight sanding profile attachment for more options and control.

Its beautiful design and fantastic performance give you a pleasurable experience. Its three different positions ensure the tightest corners. It has some nice features included. For optimal finish it sanding pad pressure applied.


  • Performance: It has unique pressure control technology with pressure controlled family.
  • Design: Soft grip and lighter weight design.
  • Product Dimensions: 10*6*6.2 inches, Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Dust Collection: Transparent dust canister system that provides clear indicator with its microfiltration dust collection system.
  • Power: It has power corded electric source facility. 1.2-amp power capacity.
  • Box Included: Eight attachment sander for different sanding projects, three position nose detail for abrasive usage. 7302 detail sander, eight detail attachment, pressure control specification, 32 sandpaper sheets.


  • It has a good control feature
  • Great handling
  • LED light pressure control technology
  • Easy and quick attachment changing system


  • Need some improvement for dust system

4. DEWALT DCS355D1 20V XR Lithium-Ion Oscillating Multi-Tool Kit

This Dewalt tool can handle a wide variety of tasks. And one of the better detail sander in the homeowner and DIY category. It has versatility design and quality sander. For job accuracy and comfort ability is handle by variable speed trigger ad dual grip. Its accessory system changes quickly without wrenches.


  • Performance: Overall performance is fantastic craftsmanship.
  • Product Dimensions: 17.2*5.1*9.8 inches 3 pounds’ weight. 12.20 inches’ tool length.
  • OPM: 20000 OPM variable speed.
  • Scraping: Universal fitment scarping blades for work sticky situation with quick remove hardened adhesive and linoleum floor.
  • LED Light: It bright LED light helps to illuminate dark.
  • Power: Its brushless motor delivers 57% run time over brushed. It's included 1 lithium-ion batteries.
  • Box Included: It contains cordless design, brushless motor and quick-change accessories that highlight it quality, 28-piece accessory kit with sanding and favorite cutting attachment. Contractor bag and first charger, sanding pad, wood with nails blade, universal accessory adapter.


  • It is very versatile
  • For longer lifespan for the brushless motor guarantee


  • The price point is high

5. Genesis GPS080 Corner Palm Sander, Grey

Genesis GPS080 Corner palm sander has a Velcro pad like all modern detail sanders. It looks like iron shape sander and the advantage of this sander is you can use it as a regular or detail sander. Its machine life increase by dust protection switch system. It is one of the fastest mouse sander on the market. You can use this machine for the longer duration for its incredible durability. Generally, ordinary sander can’t reach tight spaces but it can.


  • Performance: Performance is very much convenient with its hook and loop accessory fastening system. Through this changing sandpaper is very easy without pressing clips.
  • Design: Design is ergonomic.
  • Product Dimensions: 7*6*4.2 inches
  • OPM: For fast and efficient sanding it generates 14000 orbits per minute.
  • Dust Collection: Dust protected ON/OFF switch. Toggle switch also available.
  • Pad: Comes with three sanding pad Coarse(80grit), Medium (120 grit) and fine (240grit). Generic mouse stylish pad can be added and use for corner sanding.
  • Mouse Palm Sander: For the table, chair and other small spaces mouse palm sander included.
  • Power: Its power source is corded Electric with 120 volts. It cords length 6.5 feet.
  • Box Included: It comes with


  • Best for heavy work
  • It is very lightweight


  • little bit bigger
  • Vacuum usability problem

6. VonHaus 1.1A 2 in 1 Sheet & Detail Sander - 14000 RPM

If you need a fantastic solution for you sanding VonHaus 2 in one sheet corded is the best. It gives you two solid sanders. With Velcro sandpaper attachment it tool is very much easy to use with hook and loop detachable base.

While smoothing down tight corners or large surface areas, this corner sander will make you feel great. It operational quality and durability are very much high. It is ideal for array sanding task. Its simple hook and loop base minimize downtime.


  • Performance: Well-formed high performance for its lightweight and 2 in 1 sander with square and triangular sanding options.
  • Design: Design is ergonomic and lightweight. It has hex key to unscrew for securing screws.
  • Product Dimensions:  9.5*4.3*5.3” inches. Its weight is 2.2 lbs.
  • OPM: Its OPM is almost 14000.
  • Dust Collection: It has attached dust box for capture a good majority of dust and save your proper amount of time. It dusts collection system increase visibility.
  • Square and triangle sanding Pad: Easily can switch between rectangular and triangular sanding pads with a simple hook and loop base. Comes with three pad shape Coarse(80grit), Medium (120 grit) and fine (240grit)
  • Sanding Sheets: It has six interchangeable sanding sheets in metal, plastic, wood, medium and coarse applications.
  • Power: It has 1.1-amp powerful 120V motor. And 6ft power cord.
  • Box Included: It included window frames, skirting boards, worktops and smoothing doors. 1 Hex key, 1 Dust box, three triangle sander pads and 3 square sander pads.


  • Comfortable to hold for its lightweight, balanced nature
  • Versatility and well made
  • Efficiently tackle any sanding projects
  • Easily removable dust box


  • Dust collection system needs some improvements
  • For vertical task, it is difficult to use

7. BLACK+DECKER MS2000 Multi Sander with Smart Select

This Black+Decker offer you maneuverability, dominant performance if you need to give your project ultra-smooth finish. To tackle any job, it has four interchangeable bases.

It smart select dial sanding base automatically sets optimal speed. Easy sandpaper hook and loop on above system also provide another unique flexibility and give one of the fine detail sander on this time.


  • Performance: It can use 90-degree flush sanding for use up to edges.
  • Design: For optimal speed set it has the smart select dial. And for a smooth surface sanding is finish. With multiple grips, its design is ergonomic that give you full of control.
  • Product Dimensions: 12.2 *4.8* 7.1 inches, Weight is 4.8 pounds.
  • OPM: Its OPM is 8,500-13000. For fast removal, it has random orbit sanding.
  • Dust Collection: Easy-empty filtered dust canister. And it’s on/off switch extended the life of the tool and protects internal components.
  • Power: 2 amps with 2.’
  • Box Included: sanding bases, one finger detail, two interchangeable sanding bases., storage bag. Assorted sheets of sandpaper. One random orbit sanding base, one flat finish sanding base, one detail attachment.


  • A tool-free push button is easy and quick
  • Reach any areas of sanding
  • Smart select technology


  • Some users reviewer the dust collection is not good

8. Genesis GMT15A Multi-Purpose Oscillating Tool

This genesis GMT15A has Multifunctional tool for home restoration, remodeling and repair. It has sufficient speed for stubborn challenges like grouting, sanding and scraping. This machine is tested by the objective and independent laboratory for both safety and efficacy.


  • Performance: Durable die-cast aluminium for optimal protection. Against elements and damage.
  • Design: It has four pin flange design and attached blades. It is made of all high-quality materials.
  • Product Dimensions: 12.4*5*4.5 inches and Weight is 2.75 pounds.
  • Tools: It has grout removal, power scraper, close-quarters saw tools that great for floor installation, trimming door jambs, removing old caulking, trimming cabinets, chiseling out door hinges, carpeting and glue or paint.
  • OPM: Maximum speed is 21000 oscillations per minute.
  • Power: 1.5 Amp motor.
  • Box Included: 30 mm E-cut saw blade, HSS segment saw blade, Allen Wrench, 3inch delta sanding pad, scraping blade, sandpaper, accessory storage case.


  • Compact and lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Provide maximum safety
  • Affordable


  • Its multipurpose tool does not adapt to attachment form other
  • Its blade is hardened to find

Detail Sander Buying Guide

Why Detail Sander

Detail sanders are very much safe to use. You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions before using it. It also called a corner sander because of its unique capability that can shape into edges and tight corners easier. For doing lots of woodwork, this detail sander is handy. It must save your effort and time, and you will get a smooth surface.

Detail Sander Using Tips

Tip 1: Working with newly assembled furniture

One of the most common applications of the Detail Sander is the furniture repair. New furniture can have bright areas that most Sanders cannot get.

Use the triangular pads, which are usually connected to a detail grinder, to reach hard to reach areas. Due to its size, it can produce light surfaces without compromising the integrity of the material.

Tip 2: Slower is better

Work slowly when using a detail grinder as the grinder is designed to remove very little material from the surface, primarily when working with delicate objects and craft projects.

Do not apply too much force on the piece of wood you are working with, as you will stress the material and the tool.

Tip 3: Finishing Products

The great thing about detail grinders is the number of attachments you can buy for them. Polishing pads, for example, offer you some fantastic surfaces without worrying about unwanted lines in the grain of your wood. Detail grinders are also famous for machining metal objects.

Tip 4: Do not use pressure

Detail grinders are practical tools that are not stressed too much. Their motors are not designed for extreme loads - so take your time and do not force the blender to work.

Tip 5: Change your speed

Another great feature of the Detail Grinder - and one you can remember when working on a project - is that you can change the speed depending on the job. Changing the oscillation speed can increase or decrease the load on the grinder and the amount of material removed for a given project.

All You Need to Know When Budgeting for Your Detail Sander

Electric or Wireless Model:

Choosing an electric sander model has the advantage of getting more power. This type of device, therefore, makes it easy to overcome difficult stains, without having to provide a great effort.

It often requires a large diameter tray and is particularly useful for sanding concrete, parquet or stone floors. However, the larger the tray, the heavier the unit, which requires extra energy when you use it. The disadvantage of the electric sander is that the wire restricts your movements and prevents you from having precision in your actions.

Presence of Electric Dimmer:

The electric drive should also be one of the priorities of features that you will have to dwell on. Indeed, on a sander, the electric drive is intended to adjust the power of the device depending on the material you are working on.

It is convenient because the resistance of wood is, of course, different from that of metal, plastic, stone or concrete. In this way, you will have the freedom to dose the power of the engine to get the best results.

Presence of Suction System:

To find out which is the best sander currently available, you should also consider whether it is equipped with a suction system or not. Indeed, the device produces a lot of dust, whatever the material on which you work.

It is important to remember that dust can be harmful to your health, so we encourage you to choose a sander with integrated suction. You can even opt for a device equipped with micro filters to significantly increase the life of its engine.


1.    Where can I get sandpaper?

-    You can get this sandpaper in the marketplace or sander shop.

2.    Can this be used to sand concrete wall?

-    No, Only Wood.

3.    How to sharpen wood planner blades?

-    It can sharpen with five-step process Like Assemble blade, Oil, removing blade Nicks, after removing Nicks and Blade Maintenance.

4.    What are the tips for detail sander?

-    Here are few tips for using detail sander:

  1. Start with corner
  2. Start with low speed
  3. Try to switch attachments
  4. Handle them with care
  5. Do not apply pressure.


From this above best mouse sander reviews, I recommend BLACK+DECKER MS2000 Multi Sander with Smart Select. Because I find it very much flexible and versatile while using this product. And for its smart select technology and four interchangeable bases, it makes different and unique from others.

It also has a push button. And its orbit per minutes is almost 8,500 to 13000 that make it valuable from another brand it the market. So without any doubt and concern, you can have this fantastic sander for your sweet home.

I hope you will find that satisfaction you needed. And it is the best sander among all the different various product from unique quality, performance, versatility, durability and other so many things.


Each product in this listing is an excellent choice, your choice became made to in shape a vast variety of tasks, but you ought to be hyper-aware about the materials and brand while you are purchasing a machine you intend to use frequently.

Be realistic together with your wishes as you examine through the characteristics of the tools in this list—the one you discover yourself most demanded to won't be fit to your preferences.

After purchasing your desire machine, you must share your experience with me and give your valuable opinion.

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