Best Floor Sander in 2020 – Tested and Reviewed

Are fond of wooden floors? Do you want to decorate your sweet home with one? Well, then the best floor sander is a must have for you. It is basically a machine that smoothes out a rough wooden surface into a shiny and polished one. But don’t take this task lightly. It is a tenuous job requiring a high level of patience.

Therefore, having the perfect machine to do so is mandatory. So today, we have come up with a list of the top floor sander to make things easier for you.

By following this guideline, you can be assured that you won’t have to go through the long frustrating hours of sanding your floor with an average machine. Instead, you will have the most comfortable experience with the best machines available.

After testing out some of the most well-known sanders in the market, we have compiled a list of the top 8 best floor sanders with their striking reviews.

1. Makita 9403 4" X 24" Belt Sander

The first pick on our list ensures both peace and comfort for its users. Not only the user but also the people living in the neighborhood won’t complain. Because this machine is so quiet that it hardly makes any disturbingly annoying sound. The sound it produces only falls within the range of 84 decibels that ensure the wellbeing of your hearing capabilities.

On the other hand, one thing that is a must for a good quality sander is its belt. If the belt is not well built and long-lasting, there’s no point having the machine at all, no matter how fancy its feature seems. 

In that sense, the brand Makita takes care of that perfectly by providing a belt as wide as 4 inches. Due to the size of the belt, the floor can be polished very fast at a speed of about 1640 feet a minute. 

Nevertheless, what’s good about all these features if you can’t even carry the machine, right? Well, worry not because this sander only weighs 13 pounds.

Therefore, moving it will not be much of a trouble.
Moreover, you will have a firm grip over the machine due to the large handle it provides with durable materials. The machine’s motor and other important parts are also entirely concealed from outside contamination.


  • Quiet
  • Smooth workflow
  • Strong grip
  • Works very fast


  • The exhaust releases hot air
  • Sander bag needs to get emptied often

2. Festool 571810 RO 150 FEQ Rotex Sander

The second pick on our list is no less than its predecessor. This one is unique with its own set of features that make it a desirable choice. It has a dual sanding mode feature, which enables you to switch from a hard-hitting fast mode to a slower and smooth finishing mode.

Accordingly, the function of the first setting is to help you remove abrasive wooden materials quickly. The second setting enables you to smoothen out the already sanded floor to a finely polished texture.

However, the dust produced from sanding the wood can create a huge mess and pollute the air. In this regard, if the machine you are working with does not have an efficient dust management system, you may end up sneezing all the time and have an uncomfortable sanding experience altogether.

So, to save you from that, the Festool Sander has introduced the Jetstream system that lets you extract all the dust without causing a mess. The pad also lasts for a long time due to the cleanliness process it provides.

Additionally, Festool knows that different surfaces need different kinds of pads to carry out the sanding job properly. Hence, they have a variety of pads available that you can change without using any additional tools according to the floor type. Moreover, it features a speed control mechanism that allows you to control its velocity.


  • Usable in narrow spaces
  • Thermal protection
  • Jetstream dust extraction
  • Two modes available for sanding


  • The rotating feature does not deliver perfect performance
  • Vibrates randomly while rotating

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3. BLACK+DECKER Random Orbit Sander, 5-Inch (BDERO100)

The best thing about the BLACK+DECKER sander is its lightweight. The shipping weight of this machine is only 3.13 pounds that makes carrying it as easy as a newborn child on your lap. Therefore, it’s very comfortable for the user to work with it.

Besides, the sander has a built-in special orbiting mechanism that ensures the fast removal of abrasive materials and leaves you with a polished floor. Another amazing thing about this machine is the width of its belt. It is as wide as 5 inches that allows you to work better.

On top of this, a unique mechanism known as the hook and loop lets you refill its papers quite easily. Hence, you don’t have to waste your precious minutes changing papers time again.

Similarly, if you are worried about any dust or debris, we can assure you that this product comes with a dust bag that collects all the residual wood dust and lets you breathe freely. The air also remains clean for your surroundings.

Furthermore, to strengthen the dust control feature, the machine is also enabled with a switch that blocks out all the dust from coming out.


  • Weighs very less
  • Sanding sheets come with the machine
  • 5 inches wide belt
  • Orbital mode for fast removal


  • Power button malfunction tendency exists
  • Lack of consistency

4. TACKLIFE Orbital Sander

For every DIY enthusiast out there, this machine is an excellent choice due to its myriad of features. 12 pieces of sandpapers are given completely free with it, so you don’t have to purchase new ones. Not only this, the machine features 6 different options to control its speed.

For example, by switching this dial, you can set up your desired speed and also keep an eye on which pace suits your work the best. The motor is very powerful and allows the machine to make as many as 1300 spins a minute. The dimensions of the belt allow you to reach out to corners and tight narrow places quiet easily.

Aside from that, the surrounding air around you will remain clean and breathable when you are sanding with this machine. It features a fantastic dust collection mechanism that does not cause you any inconvenience. So working with ease is ensured, and you have full control over the machine.

Moreover, the handle of the machine is layered with rubber, which allows you to have a strong grip on the machine. Apart from ensuring your comfort of operability, the machine also lets you turn it on with a simple switch just by the touch of your palms.

And we know nobody likes a noisy engine. That’s why this sander is on our list for its ability to retain noise and have a low vibration.


  • No noise
  • Less vibration
  • Dust collection mechanism
  • Speed is controllable with a dial


  • Not suitable for wall sanding
  • Does not offer the best service for heavy-duty projects

5. ​Clarke Drum Sander Ez-8 Expandable Drum

Although this machine comes at number 5 on our list, it is unique with its own set of features that make it as good as all the other picks on our list. Its motor is perfectly suitable for heavy-duty works, and the machine you can also use as a hand floor sander.

Furthermore, its engine offers dual capacity. So no matter how difficult your task is, you can use this machine without any worries. Although this machine is electronically powered, its cable is as long as 40 inches that allow you flexibility while working.

However, if you are worried about dust, remain tension free. It offers a good dust containing mechanism that prevents the surrounding air from getting polluted. Not only this, but it also blocks the dust from jamming out the motor.

Another good thing is that you can easily disassemble this machine. The manufacturer allows this to ensure the convenient storage of the sander in confined spaces.

Over and above, you will also be able to carry the machine with you to other places. Thus, the overall design of the machine gives it a rough look, and its core construction material is aluminum that increases its durability.


  • Easy storage
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Efficient motor
  • Suitable for heavy-duty work


  • Weighs very heavy
  • Due to its weight, moving the machine to confined spaces is tough

6. Bosch OS50VC Electric Orbital Sander

Bosch is a well-reputed brand for its high-quality products. They did not fail to deliver this time as well. Their electric orbital sander works so perfectly that you are left fully satisfied. It is one of the best sanders for wood floors and offers versatile methods of working. It allows you to flush sand even on vertical surfaces as well as horizontal ones.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about miscalculating the paper size as it has a built-in paper fitting technology.The spinning mechanism of this machine is so smooth that there is not much vibration.

Consequently, you face minimum disruption while working with it. The dimensions of the orbiter are 3/32 inches that ensure perfect spinning. The machine also comes with extra sanding papers to save you from the trouble of purchasing ones of your own.

Accordingly, the dust collection mechanism of this machine is top-notch. The dust bag is translucent in color and uses micro filtering technology to filter out the dust while sanding easily. It is tightly closed with a cap, and you can also open it quickly. Hence, emptying the bag also becomes very easy.

On top of this, the entire package comes with a variety of additional accessories.


  • The front handle is removable
  • Extra sanding sheets
  • Dust controlling mechanism
  • Low noise


  • Handle’s positioning is not perfect for ensuring the operator’s comfort
  • The operation is not smooth

7. Oreck Orbiter All-In-One Floor Cleaner, Scrubber, and Polisher, Multi-Purpose Floor Machine

The Oreck Orbiter is a versatile machine that serves multiple purposes. Up until now, we have listed out machines that were strictly sanders. However, if you want to purchase something that will also give you other services, you should opt for this one.

Apart from being one of the best sanders for hardwood floors, this machine works as a floor cleaner, scrubber as well as a tile cleaner.

If you have a stain on the floor that is very stubborn and is ruining the beauty of your shiny marble flooring, you can use this machine to get rid of it. Not only this, but you can also use it as a carpet cleaner.

Carpets often get dirty due to dust accumulation. And if there are children at your home, dirty stains on a carpet is a common occurrence. This machine can solve these problems also quite efficiently.

However, since this is a list for the best sanders, let’s come to our main focus, which is sanding. The machine is also very suitable to sand out abrasive wooden floors and make it look as good as new. Additional kits like pads, solutions for cleaning, etc. are available along with the main package as well.


  • Suitable for abrasive floors
  • Additional kits available
  • Can be used to clean carpets
  • Efficiently cleans floors


  • Expensive
  • Heavy

8. Oreck Commercial ORB550MC Commercial Orbiter Floor Machine

Like the seventh mention on our list, the last pick also is a multi-purpose serving machine. This one not only works as a sander but is also one of the best sanders for floors and its cleaning.

No matter what your floor is made up of, be it wood, marble or tiles, the machine can remove all stubborn stains on it and make it shiny as bright as new.

Additionally, if you are worried about your dirty carpet, the machine is also ready to dispel such worries by ensuring efficient dry cleaning and dirt removal from carpets.

Likewise, the rotating orbital of this machine also can be used to serve multiple purposes. Other than doing the basic function of sanding abrasive wooden floors, the orbital can also spin effectively to wax and scrub floors. If you are wondering whether using an orbital on polished floors will leave a mark or not, we can assure you that it won’t.

Similarly, this electronically powered machine has a long cable that measures about 50 feet. The biggest advantage of having such a lengthy cord is the flexibility of having ample working space and moving around freely. Nevertheless, one downside of this machine is its weight, which is about 24 pounds.


  • serves multiple purposes
  • Can be used for waxing floors
  • 50-foot long cable
  • Compatible with brushes, pads, etc.


  • Weighs heavy
  • Priced high


Having a good sander is crucial if you are planning to buy a new home or changing the flooring of your house. In that sense, we hope this article was helpful for you to decide on choosing the best floor sander.


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