Best Palm Sanders 2022 – Tested and Reviewed

A significant part of making sanding fun is using a tool that does the job well and is easy to use.

A palm sander is a pretty simple machine for sanding your wood and woodwork. It comes in two types: random orbit or a plain orbital sander.

If you want to smooth the surface for paint, stain or varnish, you need the best palm sander. Its essential feature is a square pad that moves in small, circular orbits. It uses spring-loaded clips that hold sandpapers in place, and various sizes of small square papers can be used.

These machines can easily sand corners and are best for beautiful veneers and plywood. They are relatively comfortable to control and lightweight, while significantly quieter compared to other sanders. They are not effective for removing rough stock, however.

The palm sander is the most popular choice for beginners because it’s small and easy to control. If you are using an old sander, then you probably covet a new, compact sander that provides extremely smooth operation and does not leave you with numb hands!

8 Best Palm Sanders – Reviews

Here’s I’ve broken down the best palm sanders that are out there – from beginner levels, to those who woodwork at a pro level.

1. DEWALT DWE6411K 1/4 Sheet Palm Grip Sander Kit

Dewalt’s new Dwe6411k ¼ sheet sander combines many benefits and features. Its rubber over-molded grip makes sanding very flexible and comfortable. During sanding, its paper clamp holds the sandpaper securely. For flatter sanding planes, it has a paper plate with full battery power source.

Its weight is almost 2.8 pounds. It does a great job with a good finish and minimal vibration. It works with a front button and back paper clamps. It is an excellent machine with tons of helpful features and plenty of power.


  • OPM & AMP: OPM is 14000 and Amp power is 2.3, with a counterweight that reduces vibration.
  • User Engagement: It reduces the overall height of the sander so the users are closer to their work.
  • Dust System: A locking dust system helps to prevent environmental pollution. The switch is also protected with a rubber dust boot.
  • Vacuum Lock: Its lock vacuum system allows it to lock the dust port.
  • Paper clamp: For the best paper retention, a paper clamp feature is included.
  • Box Includes: Paper Punch, Dust Bag, Carrying Bag & DWE6411 sander.


  • Reduces vibration with dust rubber boot system
  • Comfortable rubber over-molded grip
  • Excellent dust collection system with attached bag
  • Paper palate for flatter sand plane
  • One hand dust system lock


  • Proprietary dust port sometimes creates problems

2. Makita BO4556K 2.0 Amp 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander with Case

The Makita B04556 2.0 Amp is a durable palm sander. It has 200-watt power output. Its comfortable handle minimizes vibration. It is perfect for finish carpenters and woodworkers who seek the best finishing sander. To reduce vibration, it is made with all ball bearing construction.

It can prevent dust contamination with its rubber seal that feels like it operates more crisply than other sanders. Sandpaper is, included with two large wire clamps and a shoe made of aluminum, not plastic.

It provides incredible performance and quality at a stunning price. Its build quality is also surprising, and it comes with a nice carrying case. We recommend it for professionals and hobbyists. 


  • Sandpaper: Comes with three sandpaper sheets. (60/100/150-grit) at 4-1/2” * 5-1/2” 
  • OPM: It Orbits Per Minute is 14000 for a smoother, faster finish.
  • Performance: It comes with a contoured rubberized palm grip and smooth, fast performance.
  • Double Insulated: The insulation is doubled.
  • Dust collection & Contamination: Its dust pad collection system provides a clean environment. For longer tool life, its rubber-sealed button thwarts dust contamination.
  • Weight: Motor is 2 AMP, and is 2.5lbs
  • Quick Installation: Paper installation is rapid due to its large clamping lever.
  • Convenient Switch: For easy one-hand operation, the on/off switch is set in convenient location.
  • Aluminum Base: For enhanced durability, the cast shoe is an aluminum base.
  • Quality Design: For operator comfort, it features an improved rubber palm grip & contoured design.
  • Box Includes: Vacuum dust bag, punch plate, finishing sander, abrasive paper and tool case.


  • A little more powerful than its previous version
  • Less vibration and noise
  • Punch plate included for perforating sandpaper
  • Dust catcher mounts easily
  • Works quickly and provides a smooth finish
  • Super-fast paper installation


  • Less comfortable for long periods of standing
  • Complicated dust bag connection that takes some time to connect

3. SKIL 7292-02 2.0 Amp 1/4 Sheet Palm Sander with Pressure Control

The Skill 7292-02 ¼ sheet palm sander is best for smooth and faster stock removal and has some nice features included. It runs on a 2.0-amp motor that comes in 14000 OPM, and it can catch the smallest amount of dust. Its vacuum attachment system allows you to collect dust pretty well.

The pressure control system is impressive. It has highly efficient dust collecting system and amazing, unique pressure control technology with a light display system. A soft grip handle system allows you to handle the machine at your comfort zone. This machine is also the best choice for finishing sander. For extended tool life, a dust-sealed switch is attached.


  • Pressure Control Technology: Extra pressure applies through this new pressure control technology
  • APM & OPM: APM is 2.0 and OPM is 14000.
  • Weight: Its weight is almost 4 pounds.
  • Dust system: For emptying the canister, its dust system removes all guesswork.
  • Micro Capture: Dust particles are captured through micro-filtration.
  • Indicator:  It contains a light indicator signal for measuring how much pressure to apply.
  • Measurement system: Its measurement system is metric.


  • Comfortable price for a tight budget
  • Pressure indicator
  • Soft grip handle system provides excellent control
  • Contains transparent dust filter housing so no need to check repeatedly


  • Dust seal switches not protected with rubber boot
  • Pad covering show can wear out quickly

4. Makita BO3710 Finishing Sander

The Makita B03712 Finishing sander is perfect for woodworkers who hate sanding noise. It is a ¼ sheet sanders that is one of the quietest on our list. If you are prepared to spend extra money on a high quality sander, you should check out the Makita B03710.

It creates minimum vibration and noise compared to other brands, but it is also expensive. It will create a comfort zone for your work. It comes with a convenient lock-on button with a two-finger trigger switch. Through this button, a suitable pad system collects dust to keep your work environment clean.


  • OBM: Its orbits per minute is 11000
  • Size & Weight: Its net weight is 1.6 kg & pad size is 92mm* 185mm; average paper size is*228mm
  • Easy to Handle: Its design is lightweight and compact for high maneuverability and easy handling.
  • Soft Grip: Soft grip is rubberized.
  • Comfort: Rubber grip and ergonomic handle provide maximum comfort and excellent fit.
  • Heavy Motor: Its cooling system is redesigned and includes increased power input with a heavy-duty, powerful motor.
  • High Durability: Its sponge sleeve aluminum rigid foot provides active vibration absorption performance and high quality.
  • Box Includes:  Abrasive paper, punch plate and dust box.


  • Paper clamp is easy to use
  • OPM provides a smooth finish and efficiency
  • Finish sander is very easy to operate
  • Operator comfort increased by its convenient lock on switch
  • Dust collection system is straightforward


  • Expensive

5. BLACK+DECKER BDEQS300 1/4 Sheet Orbital Sander with Paddle Switch Actuator

If you are searching for the best finishing sander with a low price but high quality, then Black Decker is the best choice for you. You can get the best services for your wood sanding with this one.

It runs at 1600 OPM & runs on 2.0 amp, which is perfect for detail work and sanding. Its total weight is almost 1 pound. It is easy to handle, comfortable, features a flexible soft body grip and is extremely lightweight. Its flush sanding clearance is almost 270 degrees. Moreover, it comes with a sandpaper sheet.


  • High Performance:  Its tri-layer filtration enhances its high performance and efficiency.
  • Design: Compactly designed and appropriate for both detail and sanding work.
  • Elements: It has quality elements and a sturdy body.
  • Dust collection: Its amazing high-performance dust collection system keeps the environment neat and clean.
  • Motor & OPM: Its OPM is 1600 and the motor is 2.0 AMP, which provides plenty of power. 
  • Finishing: It produces a perfect finish with a variable speed.
  • Soft Paddle: Its paddles grip is soft and comfortable, with a convenient paddle switch for activation.


  • Inexpensive with high quality and a good reputation
  • Useful for tight spaces due to compact design
  • Convenient on/off paddle switch
  • Tri-layer filtration enhances high performance and efficiency
  • Suitable for both detail work and sanding
  • Versatile palm and ergonomic sander
  • Maximizes user control
  • On/off position easily locked


  • Not flexible for one hand; loading sandpaper sheets requires both hands
  • Fewer features than more expensive models

6. PORTER-CABLE 380 1/4 Sheet Orbital Finish Palm Sander

Because of its heavy weight (4 pounds), you do not need to apply much pressure with this machine. Your work will be much more comfortable than with other sanders. It is affordable with excellent quality. Its amp motor gives you a superior, quick finish. Its balanced design is makes it comfortable to operate for longer periods of time. This Porter-Cable 380 finish palm sander ensures excellent operation.

If you do not want to worry about fitting the sandpaper sheet into the machine, this is the most probable best-finishing sander for you. It is very useful for sanding corners. Its high power design is favorable for any woodworker.


  • Design: Ergonomic design reduces operator problems and fatigue. 
  • Compact: It is compact to ensure smooth sanding in corners.
  • OMP & Amp: It operates 13500 OPM & 2.0-amp motor.
  • Vibration Minimized: For vibration minimization, it has a counterbalanced and dual plane design. 
  • Switch: For dust protection, it has a dust-sealed switch.
  • Box Includes: Paper punch, Sander & Operating Manual.


  • Affordable 
  • Provides complete finish sanding
  • Ensures smooth sanding in corners
  • Minimal vibration
  • Reduces dust and leaves environment clean
  • Dust-sealed switch included
  • Switch life is longer
  • Removes less aggressive material than RO sanders
  • 100 % sealed ball–bearing construction
  • Suitable for refinishing


  • Does not trap all dust
  • Sandpaper may be problematic

7. WEN 6301 Electric Detailing Palm Sander

The WEN 6301 Electric palm sander has been tested on a few surfaces with excellent results. It’s a right palm sanding tool with amazing benefits and features that make it perfect for home use and also some mid-level tasks. It comes with a 2-year replacement guarantee.

This power tool is extraordinarily customizable and versatile. Its option toolkit provides support for transforming a hardwood sander into something else. Its 360-degree rotation facility for angled corners adds extra value. The amount of power it provides allows you to achieve perfect work. Though it is an inexpensive hand sander, it provides impressive results and a lightweight design.


  • OPM: Its vibrational power OPM is 13500.
  • Vacuum adapter: Easily attached vacuum adapter.
  • AMP: On rough surfaces the one-amp motor wears away.
  • Weight: 2 pound lightweight design.
  • Size: Regular size.
  • Power sander: 3.75” *5.5” pad angled tip provides powerful sanding for perfect work.
  • Vector Pad: Allows for simple sandpaper installation and removal.
  • Ergonomic Grip: Its ergonomic grip’s rubber-ribbed backing prevents slippage.
  • Base Pad: It contains a hook-and-loop base pad that allows for simple removal of sandpaper and quickly changes between grits.


  • Power and performance are super
  • 1.3/8-inch Vacuum adapter assists with dust collection
  • Lightweight design prevents hand fatigue
  • Corded electric power source for extra safety
  • During sanding, it uses 80-grit sandpaper
  • It is inexpensive and straightforward


  • Not convenient for floor sanding
  • Not for big projects

8. Dynabrade 56815 Dynorbital Supreme Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander, 5-Inch

This Dynabrade 56815 can tackle any sanding task. Any sanding job can be done with this machine. It comes with conversion kit that easily changes a central vacuum tool to a self-generated vacuum, and also includes a non-vacuum tool.

The bare tool is included in its components section. You need a lot of air flow for this sander. It works best on big jobs at home.  Its low vibration system prevents user fatigue. It is an exceptionally well-made tool that can be the best palm sanding choice.


  • RPM: 12000 RPM with 5” sanding pad.
  • Quality: It has five high quality blade rotors that produce strong power.
  • Weight: Its weight is 2 pounds.
  • Compact: Compact material is its distinctive feature.
  • Body: Body is sturdy and includes a double row balanced bearing that is triple sealed.
  • Design: Its insulated design prevents overheating. Moreover, super quiet and smooth.
  • Perfect uses: It is ideal for polishing and stain removal.


  • Best lubricant quality
  • Comfortable and robust; any types of sanding are possible
  • Amazing nonslip grip
  • Good heat-insulation system
  • Lifetime first-class and exceptional performance
  • It is super-fast and maneuverable


  • It uses a great deal of air
  • You must make sure that your compressor is big enough before using this machine

Palm Sander Buying Guide

When you decide on buying a palm sander, then you need to know some quality information before purchasing it. Moreover, after purchasing, you also need to follow some guideline. The palm sander market is really challenging for potential buyers. So choosing the best option as determined by the following factors will help you to make a decision.

You Need to Know When Buying A Palm Sander:

1.    When purchasing your sand machine, must check for an ergonomic design that will assist you in doing your work correctly.

2.    For extending your palm sander pad’s life, avoid pressing down too hard on the stock while using it; let your palm sander do most of the work.

3.    Ease of changing sandpaper is important.

4.    Choose the most potent performance sanding; check our palm sander reviews above.

5.    Choose a comfortable one for your sanding that includes a dust collection system to clean your work environment. 

6.    Use your sander in a back and forth motion, just putting some pressure on downside and keep a comfortable weight on it.

7.    Try to keep sanding straight and carefully about your wood edge.

8.   Power is the main thing in sanding. So while purchasing, you should focus on power capacity on specific products identified as the best palm sanders

9.  Smooth finishing is also needed for sanding wood.

10. If you spend too much time changing the sandpaper, then you cannot finish your project on time. So you should also consider the ease of changing sandpaper before purchasing. 

Types of Palm Sanders 

There are basically two types of palm sanders; they are:

Electric Palm Sander: It makes sanding easier than sandpaper uses. It is very fast and can easily be deployed. 

Air Driven Palm Sander: It takes its power from the air vacuum. It provides a sanding facility with less effort.

Use of Palm Sanders

To use a palm sander, follow these steps:

1.    Place the paper;

2.    Safety First;

3.    Turn your device on;

4.    Avoid pressing too much;

5.    Change the paper & clean as you go;

6.    Polish edges.


1.    Can I use regular sandpaper with all of the palm sanders? 

-Yes, you can, but you should look at the paper measurement and sizes.

2.    What is the lowest RPM?

-Not sure, but low RPM provides slow performance.

3.    Is the correct sanding motion a straight line or orbital?

–    Some are straight vibrating, and some are orbital.

4.    Does it work for sanding any type of car?

–    Not It is not for cars, only for woodworking.

5.    How do I empty the dust collector?

–    It merely snaps off and on.

6. How can I know what is the best palm sander?

– See palm sander buyer reviews.


A perfect palm sander ensures you some excellent finish and makes sanding very quick. So you need to find the right tool for your sanding task. We recommend the Makita B04556k as the perfect palm sander for any woodworker. It specially produces up to 14000 OPM and 200-watt power that provides you with a smooth and fast sanding capability.

Its ball bearing construction reduces vibration and noise. You can have better control over this one because of its rubber grip and contoured system. Paper changing is a rapid and convenient one-handed operation.


Sanding does not require a lot of skills or much effort, and for this reason, most woodworkers enjoy sanding. With an affordable price, these palm sanders surely not only surprise you with how well they perform, but also provide you with excellent quality work.

We hope you enjoyed the palm sander reviews and got some proper insight that makes you more comfortable choosing the best one according to your needs. After purchasing, please share your experience with us, and feel free to give your opinions and questions below.

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