Best Safety Glasses On the Market – Woodworking Glasses Tested & Reviewed

The list of work environments that require a good pair of safety glasses is practically endless. Shooting ranges, workshops, surgical wards, sports fields, construction sites, and so many other places require proper eye protection.

A slight mishap in these harsh environments can result in lasting and devastating eye damage. That is not a risk worth taking, especially in consideration of the fact that some of the best safety glasses on the market are quite affordable.

Also, these days, it is not always a choice between functionality and fashion. Some of the most attractive-looking safety glasses on the market also happen to offer the best eye protection.

Otherwise, safety glasses can protect your eyes against dust, debris, fog, UV light and other dangers that might cause harm to your eyes.

This review takes a closer look at some of the best safety glasses on the market today, and what they have to offer buyers in need of these safety accessories.

Also, as you will find out, some of them are specially designed to go over prescription glasses without necessarily giving up their style appeal.

Best Safety Glasses Reviews

1. ​NoCry Over-Spec Safety Glasses

Finding safety glasses that can fit over your prescription glasses can be a challenge. Still, finding a pair that feels comfortable is even more daunting. However, these NoCry Over-Spec glasses are among the most comfortable safety glasses you can wear over regular glasses.

Their design makes them suitable for protecting your eyes as you work. They also offer side protection against peripheral threats to your eyes. This particular aspect is provided through the wrap-around lens.

The lip over the frame will also ensure that you do not have to worry about debris getting into your eyes as you work. The glasses also offer great value for the money. In fact, they are the best eye protection for users who need safety glasses that can go over their prescription glasses.

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable arms and nose piece
  • UV protection
  • Protection for eyes and spec glasses
  • Wrap-around lens feature for enhanced eye and eyewear protection


  • Attractive due to excellent design
  • Fitting, lightweight and comfortable
  • Clear scratch- and fog-resistant lenses ensure clear views
  • OSHA approved for their safety
  • Versatile – can be used for metalworking, woodworking, dental work, and so forth


  • Fitting design makes them a little unsuitable for users with big prescription glasses
  • No storage case provided

2. Allen Over Shooting & Safety Glasses for Use with Prescription Glasses

Despite their sleek design, these glasses are made to go over prescription glasses. In fact, their design profile even makes them appropriate for users who are not wearing an extra pair of glasses underneath.

The clear lens on this pair of glasses makes them ideal for use under ordinary light conditions. Also, the glasses have proven quite popular among many users. That is because they offer excellent value for the money and ensure excellent user experience and superior protection.

These Allen glasses also rank highly on quality, and they are quite stylish. They work best with modern prescription glasses that do not come with oversized frames or glasses.

Specially designed for shooting ranges, the glasses are suited for use with ear muffs. This is important as there are glasses that will not work well with ear muffs.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight design for extended-use convenience
  • 100% UV protection through the metallic coating on the lens
  • Wrap-around design for protection from debris during work


  • Fit snugly without being uncomfortable
  • Lenses are clear for easy use
  • Offer necessary impact resistance
  • Can also be worn comfortably without spec glasses
  • Good value for money
  • Fairly scratch-resistant
  • Stylish, even when worn over regular glasses
  • Light enough to be worn all day


  • Frame gets in the way of peripheral vision
  • Not ideal for users with large prescription glasses

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3. DeWalt DPG55-11C Clear Anti-Fog Protective Safety Glasses

These glasses have few rivals as far as sheer design goes – they feature a fresh design that might not even make it apparent that you are wearing a pair of safety glasses. Nevertheless, as far as eye safety during potentially hazardous conditions goes, they deliver the expected protection.

The glasses have rubber-tipped templates, which, in addition to ensuring greater comfort, also provides greater security. Also, they are made using sturdy polycarbonate lenses that make the glasses capable of handling a bit of rough handling.

Versatility is also something you can get from these glasses through the ratcheting temples. These can be adjusted as desired to give you a better fit. With these glasses, you will easily be the coolest person at the shooting range.

Highlighted Features

  • Unique and modern design
  • Impact resistance due to the polycarbonate lens
  • 99.99% UVA and UVB protection
  • ANSI Z87.1+ standards for ballistics testing
  • Rubber brow cushioning
  • Telescoping temple


  • Fog-resistant
  • Comfortable
  • Low profile design for a more comfortable and natural fit
  • Adjustable for a better fit for both men and women
  • Excellent coverage, even against splashes and debris
  • Versatile enough to be used in shooting ranges, surgical theatres and so forth
  • Outstanding quality, making them an excellent value for the money


  • A bit heavy
  • Lack of tinting makes them a little inappropriate for outdoors use

4. ​Pyramex S4110SMP Intruder Safety Glasses

Although these glasses are quite affordable, they offer a level of protection only a few other options on the market can. Additionally, these glasses are also very sturdy, thanks to the impact-resistant material used in their construction.

Lightness is also something that makes these glasses stand out, in particular due to the fact that they feature simple and light arms and lack a frame over the lens. The lens is very clear and should not get in the way of your vision while you are working in visually harsh environments.

The manufacturer also provides a pack of 12 in a single package, which is convenient for bulk buyers. Despite their simplicity and great value, the glasses are also quite fashionable. Wearers will not look dorky wearing them.

Highlighted Features

  • High ANSI rating, which means excellent impact resistance
  • Selection of color options
  • Undistorted views
  • 99% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC light
  • Clear lens for effective indoor use


  • Very light in weight, and so ideal for long-time use
  • Cool minimalistic design
  • Resistant to impact
  • Durable material
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Comfortable fit
  • Scratch-resistant


  • Generic sizing, which means users have no adjustability options
  • Not fog-proof
  • No wraparound lens for protection from peripheral hazards like splashes and debris

5. 3M Virtua CCS Protective Eyewear

While this pair of safety glasses might not win any awards for design excellence when fitted with its signature foam gasket attachment, it has won over many users for its effectiveness. With a rubber wrapping around the lens, the glasses offer full protection to the eyes against external hazards such as splashes and debris.

Additionally, the glasses fit very snugly, and they are light enough to provide a user experience that could quickly make you forget you are wearing them. The 3M Virtua CCS protective glasses also feature a Cord Control System that comes with an optional foam gasket attachment.

The glasses are affordable, and they are also sturdy enough to handle a bit of impact without showing any signs of damage.

Highlighted Features

  • Cord control system makes the glasses more comfortable to use
  • Lightweight frame for extended hours of use
  • Low profile fit means they offer a more versatile use experience


  • Excellent protection coverage, even against dust
  • Comfortable and close fit
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Fog-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Good quality construction
  • Easy to use


  • Might not look very cool

6. Pyramex Fortress Safety Glasses

The signature feature on these glasses is the ventilation on the lens, a design feature that should also provide a fog-free experience. The back of the lens is also coated with rubber for a more comfortable fit in addition to protection from debris and other hazards.

These glasses are designed to have a clear contour around the face for maximum protection and better comfort. Generally speaking, these are not glasses intended for people who are too conscious about safety. However, they do offer incredible functionality despite their simplistic, no-frills design.

The nose pad can be adjusted to ensure a custom fit. Also, the lens is resistant to scratches, and the glasses themselves can deliver excellent performance even in rough usage conditions.

Highlighted Features

  • 99% protection against UV light
  • Adjustable ear pieces for a better fit


  • Great for situations where much sweating might be involved
  • Resistant to impact and rugged usage
  • Can resist fog build up
  • Affordably priced
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Comfortable due to the adjustable nose pad


  • Can produce glare under some lighting conditions

7. ​Safety Girl Navigator Safety Glasses

These safety glasses have a sleek design that makes them cool accessories for anyone in search of a great pair of safety glasses. However, despite the seemingly delicate appearance, the glasses are quite sturdy.

This is an excellent blend of qualities in a pair of safety glasses that is also quite affordably priced. They also offer a wide selection of lens colors. For instance, in addition to clear, there are versions of this pair of glasses that come with grey, amber, and blue mirror.

The Navigator safety glasses are made of polycarbonate lenses and frames that makes them more durable. This design feature also makes them very lightweight, which means they can be worn all day without causing any issues.

Highlighted Features

  • ANSI Z87.1+ rating approval for impact resistance
  • Polycarbonate frame and lenses


  • Can fit over some regular glasses comfortably
  • Protection on the sides
  • Holes for strap bands
  • Rubberized nose piece makes them very comfortable
  • Decent fit


  • Not fog-resistant
  • Temples are not adjustable
carpenter wearing safety goggles

Buyer’s Guide 

Things to Know as You Buy Safety Glasses

1. Fog Resistance                            

Often, safety glasses are used in environments that encourage fog build-up on the lenses. This can be highly inconvenient, since the glasses can get blurry and practically unusable. Therefore, it is essential to get safety glasses that offer good fog resistance.

2. Comfort

If you need safety glass for work, odds are that you will need to wear them all day. Consequently, you should get a pair of glasses that fit comfortably so that you do not end up getting tired or sore from wearing them. Safety glasses with rubberised temples and nose pieces often have a higher level of comfort.

3. Scratch Resistance

Many workplace environments where safety glasses are needed, such as wood and metal workshops, are typically quite rough. Therefore, it is always a good idea to get safety glasses that are scratch-resistant.

4. UV Protection

Working outdoors can expose you to UV light, which has been shown to affect many people’s vision by causing cataracts and cloudy eye lenses.

Such damage is often irreversible. Therefore, you should always insist on using safety glasses that offer protection from UV light.

5. Safety Rating

Many products are rated for their safety, and this includes glasses. Two main standards are used for glasses, and these are the ANSI and the Z87.1 ratings.

The ANSI rating measures a product’s conformity to a given range of capabilities in products such as safety glasses.

On the other hand, the Z87.1 rating is a measure of how safe an occupational face or eye safety product is. Therefore, getting glasses that have safety ratings based on these standards is quite important, as this means that they offer excellent quality and better safety.

Types of Safety Glasses

1. Polarized Safety Glasses

Polarized glasses have special lenses that can prevent glare. Glares can be distracting, affecting workmanship in occupational situations. Therefore, having glasses that can prevent glare can be a major factor to consider when buying a pair of safety glasses.

2. Foam-lined Safety Glasses

Sometimes, safety glasses need to protect the eyes from more than optical radiation, and they should offer protection from flying debris and other dangers that might get into the eyes directly from the sides. Such glasses typically have a foam lining that provides eye protection from more angles.

3. Over-Spec Safety Glasses

These are safety glasses that are designed to go over regular glasses. They are uniquely designed to have enough space to accommodate regular glasses while also offering a good fit.

Additional Information 

1. Can foam-lined safety glasses protect from chemical splashes?

No. The foam padding is intended to offer protection against water splashes and other debris. Chemicals might burn the skin or eyes.

2. What if they don’t fit?

Sure, some safety glasses might not offer a perfect fit. However, you have the option of getting glasses that have adjustable nose pieces or temples for a custom fit.

3. Are Safety Glasses Safe for your eyes?

Yes, but only when used correctly. When you use dirty glasses that make you strain to see, you could hurt your eyes. So, use appropriate glasses, and make sure they are in excellent condition.

4. What is the best type of safety glass to buy?

Mainly, this depends on issues like whether you wear prescription glasses, whether you need side protection from flying debris, or if you work in environments where avoiding glares is essential. Consider all the needs your safety glasses need to address when making your purchase.

5. How long do the glasses last?

This depends on many factors. First of all, good quality glasses last longer. But how often you use them and how well you take care of them also matters.

6. Why is impact resistance important?

The impact resistance feature is not always intended to keep the glasses from being damaged when things fall on them. Sometimes, objects might fly in your face with much force, and such glasses can resist the impact and protect you from harm.

7. What types of materials are used on the lens? 

Safety glasses can be made using plastic, polycarbonate, glass, Tryvex, and even Hi-Vex. Each of these materials has its unique benefits.

8. What do the lens colors mean?

Usually, the color of the lens indicates the level of UV protection the glasses offer. But at other times, color is essentially a cosmetic feature.

Recommendations on Best Picks

If you wear prescription glasses, then your best option among the reviewed safety glasses is the NoCry Over-Spec version. These glasses look good, even over regular glasses, and they offer great all-day comfort. They are also quite sturdy, and their value for the price is undeniable.

The DeWalt DPG555 is great if you want safety glasses that don’t look anything like safety glasses while still offering all the protection you need from a decent pair of safety glasses. The DeWalt glasses are comfortable, and they come in a choice of many cool designs. They are also scratch- and fog-resistant and adjustable.

Overall Verdict 

Above is a choice of the best safety glasses on the market at the moment. As this list proves, value for money and quality is something you can get when shopping for a good pair of safety glasses.

Many of the product options on the list will give you everything you are looking for in a pair of safety glasses and more. But, as you make your purchase, make sure you get a pair that is suited to your specific usage needs.

Otherwise, if you wear prescription glasses, the NoCry pair should be an excellent choice. Similarly, the DeWalt DPG555 pair of glasses will be great for you if don’t need an over-spec pair of safety glasses that looks good and offers an incredible amount of eye protection.

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