Best Sander for Doors 2020 – Top 5 Models Reviewed & Compared

Whether the door surface is flat or a bit contoured, when it comes to a sanding a door, things can get pretty intricate. It doesn't mean that you have to be an expert while using a door sander. All that you need is the best suitable sander for doors, which will make your demanding applications very easy.

Moreover, there are several categories of sanders available in the market, for example: Palm Sanders, Random Orbital Sanders, Drum Sanders and Detail Sanders. All of these are specified into differentiated tasks which provides major assistance in woodworking

In this review, we’ve come up with the best obtainable sanders and gone through several analyses of it, which will aid in the critical fundamentals of door sanding.

Top 5 Best Sanders for Doors

Purchasing a door sander can be a difficult task. Because there are factors such as speed, measurements, and comfortability involved. Which you won't be able to judge just by looking at an online store.

Hence, this article, after going through several tests and surveys, has brought down to the top 5 best door sander models for you to choose from in the current marketplace.

This tool from Bosch has to be the best sander for refinishing doors. The machinery is built with such elegance that it boasts a striking balance between affordability and quality. If you are looking to eliminate swirl spots, the pad dampening feature will smoothly provide you an excellent finish.

Moreover, the feature is very well on both contoured and flat surfaces. One of the best parts about this polisher is that you get to adjust the speed for your differentiated tasks. It is modifiable from 7500 orbits per minute to 12,000 orbits.

Accordingly, having control over the speed gives you more reliability over the object. If that is not enough, the sander weighs only about 3.5 pounds. The lightweight will ensure you with even more control over the tool.

At the same time, a significant issue we all face is losing our comfort zone while sanding. Therefore, Bosch has provided us with a soft-grip coating over the crucial parts of the structure. This will let us have more comfort while working and will allow us to work in several different positions. Thus, fatigue and discomfort will be a thing of the past from now on.

On top of that, this particular tool comes along with a built-in micro filter system to trap all the dust particles, even if it is as tiny as a half micron. From now on, breathing while sanding will be more comfortable in terms of other regular products. The canister can be detached fairly quickly; you won’t have to frustrate yourself in this scenario.


  • Affordable
  • Various speed control
  • Disc attachment can be done easily
  • Comfortable


  • A bit difficult to control overall

This is one of the most versatile and most exceptional one-handed orbital sanders ever built. It means you’ll not only be using it on doors, but you can also use the thing anywhere you want to. Furthermore, the tool is entirely ergonomically designed. You’ll be able to achieve maximum comfort and a firm grip over your hand for the object.

It is pretty compact and lightweight. This will allow you to have more control over the whole structure, which will bring tremendous results in overhead and vertical use. Besides, the tool has a dust extraction point which enables you to remove dust from the scenario bringing cleaner air while working.

Likewise, for extended leniency, the sanding pads are interchangeable. You might probably think that it is a bit difficult attaching and re-attaching it, but you are profoundly wrong when it comes to using this model.

Similarly, this tool comes along with an anti-vibrating feature which will enable you to bring some excellent outcomes in woodworking.

Additionally, another great feature would be the step-less adjustable speed. This is where you get to set the pace according to the applications you’ll be working on. You can’t always sand in the same speed over and over again. Which is why having control over speed is crucial, and that is what Festool delivers.


  • Easy and compact when it comes to handling
  • High-end performance
  • Dust removal option
  • Ergonomic design


  • A bit high on the price

The sander from B+D looks a lot like iron. It sands just as quickly as the iron works on clothes coming along with a compact size which maximizes control for you. Moreover, the size will also enable you to get deeper into the tight surfaces.

Accordingly, one of the most highlighted thing about this sander is its detailed finger attachment. This is something that most sanding brands out there fail to deliver. The easily interchangeable feature lets you in on some very hard-to-reach places. Therefore, from now on, you won’t have to worry about leaving some spaces behind.

On the other hand, this tool allows us to get a hold of the thing in over 3-Grip Positions for some excellent quality control over the whole structure. Holding a sander at the same position at a stretch could cause severe frustration, it can also lead to arm fatigue at a certain. Hence, it is imperative to have comfort and ease of access while sanding.

Lastly, the machine consists of a 1.2-amp motor that provides superior performance in dust removal. The micro-filtration system ensures a clean and tidy working environment for you. Moreover, the tool works in 14,000 orbits per minute, which will allow you to bring some pretty smooth finishes.


  • Dense and lightweight
  • Great in value
  • An essential item for awkward spaces
  • Highly comfortable


  • Might be a little loose in structure

Here’s another premium quality door sanding boss from Festool in this list, but it is much more powerful and superior than the model which was shown above. One of the first reasons for it being better is because the tool consists of a 6-inch size of sanding pads. This will enable you to cover up large areas quite quickly. 

Likewise, the top section of this model is coated with rubber to ensure a tight grip. Furthermore, the tool is entirely ergonomically structured. Which means you’ll be able to get control over the operations you are entitled to do. Thus, you won’t feel the fatigue that most people face while sanding for hours at a stretch.

Apart from that, the tool contains a Multi-Jetstream feature for smooth dust extraction. This enables you to extract twice as more dust than a regular sander. On top of that, the model also includes a StickFix feature which will let you eradicate dust swiftly and efficiently.

Besides, with hard-wearing fabric and pad hooks backing the whole thing, the tool will have a much long abrasive life than other products in the market. You’ll be able to keep the speed under control with this one. There is no need to worry about doing things too carefully.

However, smoothness is achieved through precise control and what better way to attain that than to have full accessibility over speed!


  • Longevity is pretty strong with this model
  • Speed functionalities available
  • Unrivaled performance
  • Rubber coated for a firm grip


  • Highly expensive

If you are looking for a sander that is perfect for one-handed operations, look no further. Makita is one of the top brands out there in the marketplace that ensures quality-filled products. Firstly, it has an on/off switch that is located at a convenient position of the structure. This enables you to have easy access to do work in one hand.

In addition to that, the switches are entirely rubber sealed. That means dust particles won’t enter into the machine and contaminate it ensuring a longer life for the tool. The model also contains a dust collection system which allows you to have a tidier work environment.

Accordingly, the sandpaper installation can be done relatively easily. Unlike others, the pads are rectangular with this one which enables a different sanding experience for you. They ensure efficient and effective work since they can be used to cover up edgy corners or trim work where circles cannot reach.

For the reduction in vibration and noise, Makita has inserted an all-ball-bearing construction. This feature is crucial when it comes to woodworking precisely. Plus, immense vibrations over time could lead to hand fatigue.

Moreover, the main parts of the structure are rubberized to allow you to have a comfortable grip and improved control.


  • Unbelievably compact
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Great in quality
  • Large paper clamps


  • Not well-built


Door sanding is a unique application with tons of dependable factors to consider, designs, place, mounted, unmounted, etc. The Best door sander is the one which can adapt to the functionalities of a door and cover every tiny spot there to reach.


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