Best Sander For Metal Work – Tested and reviewed

When working on metal projects, sanding is a crucial process; some might say it is the most essential part of them all. Which is why you need the best metal sander to get your work done seamlessly.

Projects can range from metal finishing to knife making regardless of what metal project you are working on, only the perfect metal sander is going to make your sanding work easier.

Word of advice though, there are plenty of other senders out there, for example, wood sanders, floor sander, wall sander, etc. But never use them in your metalwork. Why do you ask? The answer is obvious, isn't it? It is going to ruin your work.

As the disclaimer is out of the way, let's move on to the bigger question, how do you find the perfect metal sander for you? Well, this article is here just for that. Down below, we have listed some of the top-rated metal sander out there.

Without further due.

Let's dive in.

After surfing through the available options in the market, we have picked out the top few best metalworking sanders that will deliver the most satisfying results for you. So let’s look into the picks:

1. ​WEN 6515T 

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The best sanding experience you can achieve when the sander has not only an efficient belt but also an accompanying disc to make the sanding process run smoothly. Hence, the Wen sander does precisely that.

Its strap is long with dimensions of 1 into 30 inches, and the disc that comes along helps you to reach out to every nook and cranny that you are trying to cut up.

However, what is an excellent sander without a motor that gives ample power to carry out your work effectively?

The Wen Sander serves this purpose well by providing a power of about 3160 FPM for the belt and 3450 RPM for the disc. All of this is done by the motor that runs with an ammeter of 2.3.

It can be very inconvenient if the machine moves and wobbles while you are doing your operation. In spite of that, worry no more as this tool comes with a strong base that prevents such unnecessary wobbling.

Accordingly, while using a sander on metals, you can expect a lot of dust and debris, creating a big mess. These can even get into your eyes and injure you. Most importantly, it will make your home and your workstation unclean.

So, to solve this issue, the innovative Wen sander has dust ports that work as a vacuum cleaner and sucks out all the dust produced from the sanding. Thus, you will get your work done quickly without any mess and sneezing.


  • Comes with a motor of 2.3 A
  • The disc is about 5 inches in dimensions
  • Two dust ports to vacuum out the dust
  • A strong heavy-duty base that prevents wobbling


  • The speed of the belt cannot be regulated
  • The machine might make a lot of sounds when used on metals

2. ​Grizzly H6070 

The second pick on our list isn't any less than its predecessor. It also comes with a belt that is about 1x30 inches long. Moreover, the disc that accompanies the belt is approximately 5 inches in diameter that gives you added flexibility to work with ease.

Likewise, a fantastic feature of the Grizzly sander is that both the belt and disc tilts at an angle of about 45 degrees. This allows you to shape up and contour any metal you are working on without having any blunt or unpleasant looking sides.

Now coming to the issue of power, the motor of this machine is highly efficient and effective. It runs at an HP which is about 1/3 and the voltage it offers is 110 V. Consequently, with an available amount of power consumption, you are getting an RPM of about 3450.

Additionally, having a belt platen to guard the belt and prevent it from getting stuck is an added flexibility. If that belt platen is removable, it comes as a bonus. Not only this, but the machine also comes with an idler roller guard. This guard prevents it from wobbling and having all kinds of unnecessary motion that might disrupt your workflow.


  • Comes with removable belt platen
  • Idler roller guard prevents any wobbling
  • Both a disk and a belt of suitable dimensions available
  • The disc and belt tilts at an angle of 45 degrees


  • Product is sold and partially assembled
  • Motor malfunctions if not maintained properly

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3. ​JET J-41002 

The Jet Sander is big in size and shape compared to the previously mentioned suggestions and thus very much suitable for big projects. It has a belt with the dimensions of 2 inches into 42 inch that allows you to use to achieve smoother edges and contoured surfaces.

Moreover, the disc that comes with it is 8 inches in diameter, which allows it to rotate the machine and achieve precision in a better way. The miter gauge turns at 45 degrees angle allowing you to tilt the disc and belt according to your convenience.

Similarly, the deluxe miter gauge secures the belt and the disc at whatever position they are tilted at, whether left or right. So you can work with the machine comfortably without facing any misplacement issues. The wheels are covered with idlers that are also hinged.

On top of this, the tables are set in such a way that if you tilt the belts and discs, you can set up the position of the table as well just the way you like.

Nevertheless, it is very painful to work with a manual saw. It takes up a lot of your energy and cannot also guarantee precision. This machine, with its large size, gives you the service of a jigsaw but with more perfection and smooth cutting.

Not just this, its flexible parts give you the freedom to get into small nooks and openings and get your desired sanding.


  • The machine comes with rubber feet
  • The base is made up of heavy-duty steel
  • Machine’s body is primarily made of cast iron
  • Comes with a dust deflector and chute
  • Powerful motor


  • The bigger size could be a hassle for some
  • Wobbling might be an issue

4. ​1/3HP Disc & Belt Sanders 

This automated machine gives you results that will be just according to your liking. It works as a usual jigsaw or handheld saw, but its electric motor connectivity gives you the ability to attain more control over the machine.

In this way, you can contour and sand out any metal you want correctly and precisely without going through the trouble of redoing any edge again and again. In the same way, to achieve your desired results, the machine comes with a motor having a power of about 1/3 HP.

The belt and the disc of this machine have dimensions like most other ones mentioned in this list. A 1x30 inch belt accompanied by a 5-inch disc lets you work flexibly without getting stuck at any point. The motor works relentlessly to offer you a consistent source of power.

However, a wobbling machine that moves while you are doing the job of sanding can give you quite a lot of trouble. This makes the result imperfect and cannot provide you with satisfaction.

Therefore, to prevent the machine from wobbling, it has a benchtop stand that fixes it to a particular position while you are doing your work. The stability offered by this stand helps you to achieve polished grinding and sanding.


  • Comes with a belt and a disc
  • The motor offers a power of 1/3 HP
  • Has a benchtop stand
  • The engine provides an efficient supply of power


  • Disc and belt does not tilt
  • There are no dust chutes

5. ​Grizzly 389001 

The Grizzly Sander is the best metal sander machine you can find available in the market because it is specifically made for serving this purpose. It is one of the most comfortable sanders for metalwork due to its extremely elongated belt. The belt comes at a length of about 79 inches which is longer than the other picks mentioned in this list.

Despite its dimensions, the machine is lightweight and easy to carry. Having a belt like this long allows you to achieve precision while doing any metalwork. The versatility it offers gives you the satisfaction that a metal sander hand tool has to offer.

Furthermore, the motor allows the belt to move at a super-fast speed of about 3937 RPM that lets you smoothen out the edges perfectly. Nevertheless, the belt does not heat up.

The machine has a stand that lets you put it in a specific position while doing your work. This saves you the trouble of having to carry its weight. Another bonus is that the head of the metal sander tool can be tilted at different angles to suit your needs. As a result, you get the perfect finish on any metal you work on.


  • 79-inch long belt
  • The machine is specifically meant for sanding metals
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • The belt does not heat up despite high power


  • Does not come with a suitable disc
  • Has no dust vacuum


Q. Do I need eye protection while working with a sander?

If the sander comes with dust chutes and vacuums, eye protection is not necessary. Otherwise, it is recommended to get it.

Q. What do I do when my sander is overheating?

If such a situation arises, unplug the machine and let it rest for some time.

Q. How do I prevent dust from clogging the machine?

If your sander comes with a dust chute, this problem won’t be that severe. Nevertheless, you should clean the machine from time to time.

Q. What can I do if the table where the sander is sitting on vibrates too much?

In such cases, check if there is an accumulation of dust beneath it. If so, clean it up to prevent vibration.


Now that we have come to the end of this article, we hope that you are well versed on which sander is the best metal sander. So next time you or any of your friends are confused about which is the best sander for metal, refer to this article.


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