Best Edge Sander For Sale 2019 (Tested & Reviewed)

Best Edge Sanders Comparison

Oscillating Edge Sander Reviews

1. JET 708447

Our first contestant on the list is the 708447 OES-80CS from the renowned woodwork products master, JET. This oscillating sander runs on a strong 1.5hp motor that spins the 6-by-89 inches sanding belt. The power delivered by the motor can run at a top speed of 3900 surface feet per minute (SFPM). Typically, this is strong enough to handle any wood you place on it.

The best part is that the belt is large enough. Translation? It can handle a larger surface at once. You know what else this sander can do? It can work on nails and screws too.

This unit is made of a sturdy body, which is normal with most JET products. By the way, there is an all-steel cabinet on the lower section – so, you can easily store your working tools in there. This unit can oscillate at around 108 times a minute. It means that the chances of overheating are reduced.

Top Features

  • Strong 1.5HP motor
  • It can produce curves, angles, flat surfaces, and bevels
  • 4 inches wide dust port
  • Large 30-by-10-inch cast iron table
  • The sanding belt is 6 by 89 inches
  • 0.5-inch oscillating stroke that runs at 108 times a minute.



  • The dust port keeps the working area tidy
  • It is made of metal and cast iron for durability
  • The oscillating features prevent heat buildup
  • The work table is adjustable
  • You will enjoy a convenient storage section
  • Some users complained that the machine doesn’t have a positive 0-degree and 90-degree stop.
  • The oscillation method might not be that good.

2. Delta 31-482 Oscillating Edge Sander

This beast from Delta does an amazing job at sanding wood and even some metals. It also runs on a 1.5Hp motor that spins the 6-by-49-inch belt at 3900 SFPM, just like our first product on the list. The oscillating stroke works at 108 times per minute.

Another comparable feature is the sturdy cast iron body, along with some stainless steel parts. We loved how you can adjust the sanding belt in your desired position. Typically, you can use it in a bevel position, horizontally, or vertically.

The working table is made of a strong cast iron that will easily hold your heavy woods. And yes, this one comes with a fitted cabinet for easy storage too. Well, one thing we didn’t exactly like about it is that it doesn’t come with wheels. You have to use a mobile base if you will need to move it.

 Top Features

  • 1.5HP motor

  • Built-in cabinet for storage
  • Precision ground steel platen that has a graphite pad
  • 10-by-29.75 main table
  • Adjustable sanding belt position
  • Strong and sturdy cast iron and steel construction



  • It is strong and durable
  • The belt position is adjustable
  • You can enjoy a free storage compartment
  • The graphite pad prevents distortion to the belt
  • The miter gauge lets you tilt the table as you wish

  • It doesn’t have wheels – so you’ll have to buy a mobile base
  • The user manual is somewhat vague

3. Grizzly G0564 Oscillating Edge Sander

This contender steps in with an upper hand – thanks to its powerful motor. The Grizzly G0564 runs on a powerful 3HP motor. That is basically twice the power of our first two sanders.

The edge sander features a long 6-by-108 inch belt that spins at around 3150 SFPM. The machine also oscillates at around 0.25 inch. That is decent enough to keep it from overheating as it does an amazing finish on your wood.

We loved the miter gauge and T-Slot on the main table. It’s also important to mention that the main table is made of cast iron. Another feature that makes this machine qualify as one of the best edge sanders on the market is the two 4-inch dust ports. There’s also a handwheel that offers precision when controlling the height of the table.

Top Features

  • Quick-release belt tension lever
  • 3 HP motor
  • Two four-inch dust ports
  • Strong cast iron tables
  • Graphite-coated platen for durability
  • Lubricated ball bearings



  • It has a powerful motor
  • You will experience precision table height control
  • The two dust ports make it easy to keep the working surface clean
  • The ball bearings are permanently lubricated, hence, limited maintenance
  • The platen is coated with graphite to protect it from quick wear-out

The spindle doesn’t oscillate

4. Shop Fox W1730

This is a heavy-duty machine that comes with an incredible oscillating ability. If you own a wood shop, this should be the right pick for you. Still, you can get it to use at home.

The sander is powered by a 2HP 240V motor, which spins the large 6-by-89-inch belt. The belt runs at a speed of 3150 SFPM, which is fast enough. Other than that, the machine is made of a strong cast iron, which has a powder-coated finish. In other words, you won’t experience scratches or rust on this unit.

Another feature to point out is the belt, which oscillates vertically 52 times per minute. You can either sand your wood vertically or horizontally. Furthermore, the 0-to-90-degree tilting work table offers you flexibility with your work. The miter gauge is adjustable up to 180 degrees.


  • 2HP motor
  • Two four-inch dust ports
  • Adjustable sanding belt
  • Graphite-glazed platen
  • Quick release belt tension lever
  • T-Slot and miter gauge on the main table



  • The sanding angles/directions are adjustable
  • The graphite-coated platen will last for a long time
  • You can attach a sanding spindle to work on the difficult curves
  • The ball bearings are permanently lubricated
  • You can adjust the miter gauge up to 180 degrees

  • The sanding belt might be somewhat shorter than other sanders on the market
  • The platen doesn’t have stops
  • The spindle doesn’t oscillate


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