How to Sand a Door

Door sanding is a very easy task, and it might take a couple of hours to get your job done efficiently. Before applying paint on the door, you must do the sanding so that your door can have a smooth surface. The following article will guide you in a perfect way that will surely help you sanding doors.

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Necessary Equipment To Sand A Door

Door Sanding Steps

Below, you will find out the proper steps that you need to follow to sand a door.

Step 1: Assemble all the Equipment

Before you start sanding the door, pick all the equipment (mentioned above) and put in the place where you are going to do your DIY task. Take the newspaper and lay it down around the working areas. Make sure you place all the papers properly so that all the dust can be easily collected.

Likewise, put on the protective eyewear to prevent the dust from reaching your eyes. Similarly, use the dust mask throughout the whole task so that you don’t inhale any dust during the process.

Step 2: Start Sanding

Medium-grade sandpaper has grit numbers from 80-120. Fine-grade sandpaper has ranges within 150-180 grit numbers, and very fine-grade sandpaper are within 220-240 grit numbers.

Take the medium-grade sandpaper or drywall sandpaper and sand the door gently. Do it up to the point where the old paints get vanished along with the scratches. If the door is having a problem while closing and opening, sand the interior part of the door.

Then again, take the fine-grade sandpaper and sand the door. As the medium-grade one is quite rough in terms of sanding, it might have left some visible scratches. So, the fine-grade one will make sure all the scratches are gone for good.

Finally, take the very fine-grade sandpaper and sand the door for the last time. This sandpaper is mainly used to give a smooth finish to your door. Sand the whole area slowly along with the corners. You can also use detail sander to sand door corner perfectly. 

Step 3: Clean the Place

After you are done with the sanding, sweep the whole area with the rag. Your door will look new and attractive after that.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Cleaning Door After Sanding

  • When you will do sanding, do it in the line of the grain. To remove the scratches and paints, slightly tilt the medium-grade sandpaper at an angle of 45 degrees against the line of the grain. This will force the scratches and paints to get removed.
  • For the fine-grade and very fine-grade sandpaper, sand it in the line of the grain without any hesitation.
  • If you are having a tough time while sanding with the sandpaper with your hand, use the sanding block as a good alternative. Just make sure that you properly attach the sandpaper at both ends of the sanding block.
  • If you are planning to paint the door with water-based paint, sand the door with the very fine-grade sandpaper before you start staining. This will give a smooth surface with zero scratches.
  • You should do this because water-based paint is very good at highlighting scratches and you would never want that after you are done with all the hard works.
  • If you have kids, keep them busy and out of reach from your work.
  • Pick a place for your work, especially in a garage or any other areas where you will get full privacy.


This work is effortless if you can manage to get a good grip on the techniques mentioned above. Read the article more than once for your proper understanding and take necessary advice from the experienced DIY project worker.

Enjoy your work. Have a nice day!

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