Makita 9403 Belt Sander Review

Are you looking for something that will offer you power as well as effortless and comfortable functionality?

Well, look no more! We present to you Makita’s 9403! Makita has been making top-notch sanders for almost 6 decades. And their most recent invention, the 9403, is arguably one of their best products so far.

Our article, the Makita 9403 review, contains all the information that you need to know regarding the item, and hence, gives you a very clear idea of what you will be getting from the sander. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

Makita 9403 Review

The key features of the Makita 9403 are stated below:


The mobility and flexibility of the item are off the charts. It weighs 13 pounds, which is roughly around 5.9 kilograms. Such a feature enables you to effortlessly move and maneuver it. Thus, it allows you to achieve the optimum results that you desire from your sanders.

User-Friendly Ergonomics

You see, when manufacturers were developing the product, they made sure that you would be able to use it without any complications. And that is why all the keys, nobs, and levers are situated in convenient locations. Thus, you won’t have to go through any complicated procedures to make the required adjustments. 

Moreover, the product contains two handles (one in the front and the other in the back). This way, it allows you to hold the sander conveniently and firmly during a sanding process and enables you to get the best results in each session. 

Uncomplicated Storage

Due to its compact stature and the lightweight feature, you can effortlessly carry the item to the required destination. In addition to that, storing the sander in your workshop or garage is like a walk in the park.

Gentle Yet Powerful

Unlike conventional sander, Makita’s 9403 is not a nuisance. When the sander is being used, it emits only 85db. Such a low decibel rating makes it one of the quietest sanders in the world and lets you do your work in peace. 

The sander is capable of providing you a speed of 1,640 feet per minute. And all of this possible because of its 11-amp motor, which grants it the immense speed to sand almost all types of wood. 


It comes with a 360-degree dust bag. Just attach the bag to the chute, and all the excess debris or wood is deposited in the bag. Thus, you won’t have to put in extra effort to clean the mess, and you can get rid of the unwanted waste quite conveniently.


  • Light and compact construction
  • Robust motors
  • Easy-to-use design and comfortable ergonomics
  • Cleaner than conventional sanders
  • The device is not a nuisance 


  • Very expensive
  • When used for a long time, the sander might wobble

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most commonly asked queries regarding the Makita 9403:

Can you use the Makita 9403 to work on material that is much tougher than wood? 

Yes, it is! The sander is built to do all kinds of heavy-duty work, which also includes sanding some types of metal. Though, you would need to change the sander’s belt. We suggest you go for something that has a higher grit number.

How long will the sander last when used with a size 80 grit?

Well, first of all, we assure you that this masterpiece is not going to give up its integrity anytime soon. Plus, if you are using a high-quality belt, it will last for a very long time.

Does the product come with a pre-installed sander? 

Of course, it does! On the day of purchase, you will be provided with a 2×24 inch belt, which is highly durable and assures top-notch performance.

What is the warranty on the device?

Makita is very confident about their device, and their 1-year warranty is a testimony for that. Furthermore, if its performance doesn’t satisfy you, you can change it immediately (within 30 days).

Is the dust bag functional?

Yes, it is! Due to that, cleaning up is like a walk in the park. 


If you want the best performance, efficiency, and innovative features, then the Makita 9403 Belt Sander is the one for you! We assure you if you have this masterpiece in your arsenal, you are going to get hooked to it!


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